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You know those web animated videos explaining a product? Well, we've made a bunch of them.

First, here are some of them:

Just in case you haven't seem them already.
Of course, there are more to watch in our portfolio.


Whether you are in charge of a lean startup or a big company, work in a corporate marketing department or help in a non-profit NGO, you've come to the right place.

We're specialists in making those animated videos that you see everywhere promoting the ideas and value propositions of companies through the internet. Sometimes they're called promo or corporate videos, most times, explainers.


They're very powerful pieces of media. It's been proven that video engages people easier, faster, and helps comprehension of concepts with its dual image and audio sensory approach. In the fragmented and feeble attention span most of us have nowadays, video has the needed power to inmerse people in a story, see things from a new perspective, and merge emotions with rationality in equal measure. Here's an interesting article in case you want to go deeper.




Doing it the Sloop™ way


In most cases, we work directly with the client. There's no middleman. That keeps costs lower, and communication noise-free. We, the people thinking and actually making your video, are the people you'll talk to. You're the expert on your product, and we're the experts on making videos about it, so it only makes sense that we collaborate and make a kickass animated video together.





  • What do I need to start? Do I need to have a script already?

    Short answer: No. You just need the will to contact us. Really.
    Long answer: There's no need to have a pre-existing script. In most cases we write the original script based on our conversations and the reference materials you provide, like brochures, test sites, demos, marketing briefs. Everything you can send our way is useful, but not critical. In the case you already have a script produced, we can totally use it if that's what you want. We'll offer our suggestions to make a better video, and you can obviously decide what to change or not.


  • How much does it cost to have an explainer made?

    It varies. Mostly by two factors: style complexity and duration. Send us an email so we can learn a bit more about what you need to do, and provide a free, non-strings-attached-whatsoever quote for you.


  • How long will it take?

    Most explainers take 4 to 5 weeks to produce from start to finish. This time varies mostly due to amount of revisions and the speed at which we receive feedback.


  • How can I pay for it?

    Very easy! You can pay us either by sending us a wire transfer to our bank account, or via Paypal, which allows you to pay with your current balance or with a credit card. It's up to you.

  • How's the process like? What are the steps of the production?

    Ok, these are the chronological steps involved in the making of an awesome video:

    1. First contact. You call us, you write to us, you tell us what you need. We tell you some ideas we could use and a quote for each one. You pick one, and say: Alright, let's do this!

    2. The setup. You send us 50% of the payment in advance and we get right to it. We think of a story and develop a special angle to what we have to tell, and write a script. We design an art concept, that shows how things and characters would look like in the finished version. We make a casting call for the voiceover, offer the best candidates for you to hear and pick one. We do the same with the music track. We also make a storyboard or an animatic of the video, and show it to you. You are excited by what you see, so you say: Looks great, go on!

    3. Production time. Thanks to your recent approval, we feel very good about ourselves, so we start working on the animation like crazy. We get the voiceover talent to record the speech track, and license the background music. When all the animation is ready, we take all the shots and edit them all together with some flashy sound effects.

    4. It's done. By this time, you get to see the finished version and barely could believe your eyes. It's even better than you thought. You happily pay us the remaining 50% and we all shake hands.

"Sloop Films is a great company to work with. These guys deliver a truly high quality all-inclusive service, awesome results and an unbeatable value. I did two projects with them and ready to start a third one soon!"

Balazs Moldovanyi

CEO, Trainzen

"It's been a pleasure working with Andrés and the entire Sloop Films team. Once they heard about our project and what it is about, they took care of everything, from script and voice over to basic sketches and full artwork. Other than some general guidelines from us and step by step approval, our contribution was minimal; not because we're not control freaks, but because they did such a good job."

Chris Bujor

Co-founder, PinBud


OK, what now?

Not much, really. Just write to us and we'll get back to you asap.

Or use this pretty form to get in touch:



Thanks! We'll get back to you asap.

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