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Ancla 2


Achieving a balance between effective production and the environment is no small challenge to tackle. Agrosuper decided to face it head on with some very smart and concrete actions, and we had the chance to work again with DIVE to create this film to illustrate them.


Wide, luscious landscapes immediately came to mind, sprinkle that with warm professionals at work, a pinch of hand drawn animation, and multiplane swiping views, and you got yourself a pretty green-conscious video.


Client: Agrosuper

Agency: DIVE

Country: Chile

Script: Daniela Argandona


Creative Direction: Jorge Conde

Art & Animation Direction: Jorge Conde

Illustration & Background Color: Sol Aspiroz

Additional Illustrations: Gaston Bocquel

Animation: Mariana Muguerza / Jorge Conde

Assistant Animation & Clean Up: Mariana Muguerza

Digital Compositing: Octavio Nessi (Okytronic)

Sound Design: Facundo Capece

Voiceover : Francisco Salazar

Music: Brightside Studio


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