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 Sloop is a studio that creates stories to be told through tailor-made animation pieces. 
We write, direct and produce engaging stories that evoke emotions
for companies and NGOs from all over the world.


Our animated videos help our clients to sell, explain, teach, train, raise awareness, mobilize action and communicate great ideas to their audience. We achieve this by creating an emotional bond with them, through memorable stories with relatable, fun characters and beautiful designs.

We take pride in providing a complete solution to our clients, taking care of everything from coming up with the concept and script of a great story, to delivering the final video to their inbox. We also like to work hand in hand with them, because feedback is valuable and useful to us, and nobody knows their product better.

At Sloop we pursue the dream of creating a sustainable, great collaboration environment where everybody from the client to the artists benefit from stellar creative output.


- creative consulting

- concept development

- scriptwriting

- production

- creative direction

- art development & design

- animation

- sound design

- editing


In the pursuit of neatness, we've worked with this bunch of talented people:


Julián Fumagalli / Octavio Nessi (Okytronic) / Juan Molinet / Santiago Oddis / Leo Antolini / Mariana Muguerza / Delfina Pérez Adán / Mau Lencinas / Vero Escalante / Israel Giampietro / Diego Polieri / Rojo McGil / Juan Pontaroli / Memé Candia / Melisa Farina / Vivian González / Celeste Aires / Juliana Millán /  Fer Lamattina / Juan Barabani / Sofia Fernandez / Rodo Suárez/ Gastón Bocquel / Sol Aspiroz / Pablo Rago / Gogui Tabárez /

Fran Luque /Lucas Totino Tedesco (Hula-Music) / Facundo Capece / Lola Ritcher / Ray Pental / Ross Huguet / Beth Curry  



He has worked several years in traditional animation and art direction for films, series and advertising. He also has a degree in architecture from Universidad de Buenos Aires.


He's a big space nerd, an enthusiast sailor, and plays the bass in a very cool band.


Has a degree in film direction from Universidad del Cine, and he has worked as a freelance illustrator for several years.


Cheese, trains, and time travel are some of his favorite things in the world.

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