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Ancla 1


We were asked by our friends at DIVE to create a spot for Agrosuper. Being one of the biggest food companies in Chile comes with some key responsibilities. Agrosuper’s choice was to make environment-conscious improvements on every single step of the production chain, compounding their benefits.


We envisioned a slow but relentless stroll from the countryside to the city as a metaphor for that continuous, beneficial improvement path. Warm textured landscapes, people, and logistics are the building blocks of this success story.


Client: Agrosuper

Agency: DIVE

Country: Chile

Script: Daniela Argandona


Creative Direction: Jorge Conde

Art & Animation Direction: Jorge Conde

Illustration & Background Color: Sol Aspiroz

Additional Illustrations: Gaston Bocquel

Animation: Mariana Muguerza / Pablo Rago / Jorge Conde

Assistant Animation & Clean Up: Mariana Muguerza

Digital Compositing: Octavio Nessi (Okytronic)

Sound Design: Facundo Capece

Voiceover : Francisco Salazar

Music: Alexis Messier


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