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Ancla 2


At Sloop, doing work for a good cause is always a very rewarding experience. Hogar de Cristo is the most important charitable organization in Chile. We created this spot for them, to educate the public on how life-changing charity can be for people who live on the streets.


The film narrates the hard life of homeless people from the point of view of José, an old man who begs in the streets of Santiago. A color palette that shifts from cool to warm tones makes a sharp contrast between the moments of solitude and the feelings of care and protection that the character feels through the story. Working with the fluid and organic movements of traditional 2D cel animation allowed us to communicate emotions effectively.

Currently, Hogar de Cristo serves more than 25 thousand of people in extreme poverty monthly, in the more than 500 works of charity which has throughout the country. Learn more at:


Client: Hogar de Cristo 

Country: Chile

Written & Directed by: Jorge Conde

Art Direction: Jorge Conde

Background & Character Design: Jorge Conde

Background Paint: Andrés Fernández Cordón

Animation: Mariana Muguerza / Rodo Suárez / Jorge Conde

Assistant Animation & Clean Up: Mariana Muguerza / Vivian González

Digital Compositing : Octavio Nessi (Okytronic)

Additional Compositing: Inés Borgnino

Voiceover : Samuel Guajardo

Music: Francesco D'Andrea

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