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Ancla 2


We've been summoned by DLP Paris to produce the animation of this really cool spot for Lendix, design & direction by Gabriel Fermanelli. It was great to collaborate with such an awesome group of talented folks.


Client: DLP Paris / Lendix

Agency: WNP

Country: France


Director: Gabriel Fermanelli

Design and Characters: Gabriel Fermanelli

Producer Compay: DLP Paris

Animation Compay: Sloop

Producer: Jorge Conde

Animation Direction: Gabriel Fermanelli / Jorge Conde

Layouts: Gabriel Fermanelli

Animation: Israel Giampietro / Diego Polieri / Andrés Fernández Cordón / Jorge Conde

Clean-Up: Mariana Muguerza / Israel Giampietro / Diego Polieri

Sound Design: Caleson


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