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Ancla 2


Meghann contacted us for a collaborative project based on a beautiful poem of hers where a silly human talked with a stupid goldfish, oh, and then he meets God.

We approached the production much in the same way the poem reads, step by step, drawing one frame after the other without knowing before hand where it would take us. Here's the result.

"Human" complicates our existence and how grand we assume we are yet how small we can be in the grand scheme of it all. What best fits this poem than an animation? The animation is fluid and the words carry Plunkett’s images instead of the other way around. Andrés Fernández Cordón did an amazing job capturing the simply profundity of the poem with his drawings."

Aja Monet - Luna Luna Magazine

"En el plano inicial de Human aparece un punto en el centro del mismo, dando rienda suelta al dibujo... ...Entre la voz en off femenina y los dibujos se configuran los bordes del film, es decir, la sempiterna arrogancia de los hombres, los sapiens sapiens que no podemos transitar este mundo sin predicar la violencia."

Geraldine salles Kobilanski - EPA Cine


Client: Meghann Plunkett

Country: United States


Directed & Animated by: Andrés Fernández Cordón

Read by: Meghann Plunkett

Music by: Shayfer James


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