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Ancla 2


What do a little girl, a young man, a professional woman, and the village’s matai have in common? They’re all key to the success of the initiatives to increase climate change resiliency in the islands of Samoa. We were very honoured to work along with the United Nations Development Program to bring our creativity to this project.


After soaking ourselves in the nation’s art, greenery, and habits, we designed a system of bursting flora and candid people, keeping always in mind that these islands work as the canary in the coalmine of our entire planet.


Client: United Nations Development Program

Country: Samoa

Script: Andres Fernandez Cordon


Creative Direction: Andres Fernandez Cordon

Art & Animation Direction: Andres Fernandez Cordon

Animation: Mariana Muguerza / Jorge Conde

Assistant Animation & Clean Up: Mariana Muguerza

Sound Design: Facundo Capece

Music: Lola Ritcher


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