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"Human" featured in Luna Luna Magazine

Our beloved short film "Human", based on a poem by Meghann Plunkett gets a special feature in Luna Luna Magazine with kind words by Aja Monet:

"Meghann Plunkett takes these large concepts such as humanity and God in a way that reminds me of the poem she read years ago in college. Plunkett’s voice is perfect and imaginative like a wise child. "Human" complicates our existence and how grand we assume we are yet how small we can be in the grand scheme of it all. What best fits this poem than an animation? The animation is fluid and the words carry Plunkett’s images instead of the other way around. Andrés Fernández Cordón did an amazing job capturing the simply profundity of the poem with his drawings.

The animator has only added to the sense of travel through "Human." One feels as if we are utterly present, here on earth. And yet, simultaneously, so very far away looking back or within. The music, produced and composed by Shayfer James, leads us through this poem as if it is a children’s bedtime story flawlessly. The recording is comforting, clear and also mysterious."

Check out the rest of the review over there.

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